11:55 – 12:20

Future container prices and supply

25 mins Container Break Out Stream

With container prices reaching record highs in 2020 and supply times extending, what will supply look like in the coming years?  Hear from some of our container supplier members on what they think the future impacts on container supplies will be.


Chris Bryan

blue self storage

Chris, a Commercial Manager, advises on all property investment and management activities to a number of privately owned, related companies. As part of the portfolio; Chris leads the expanding self storage business, blue self storage (previously known as Cardiff Self Storage), a container self storage operator based in Cardiff.

Chris believes that good quality, container storage operators have an important place in the market.  Historically, Container Operators were often thought of as the ‘lower end’ of the market – however with many Container Operators offering a high standard of quality, Chris is looking forward to working with similar minded operators within the Sector Forum to ensure that Containers are recognised in the Self Storage industry for their USP’s.

Chris is also a SSA UK Board member, representing container operator members.

Sarah Manning

Secure Stores Nationwide Ltd

Sarah Manning is Managing Director of Secure Stores Nationwide, supplier of shipping containers and related accessories.

Sarah has been in the container industry for the past 14 years, starting her career at Mr Box, which she ran and grew in to one of the largest market players.  Mr Box was then acquired by Mobile Mini in 2016, who Sarah continued to work with for a further 4 years.  Sarah has recently launched her own container business, Secure Stores Nationwide. Secure Stores specialist area is Self-Storage, with a strong focus on customer service.