12:15 – 12:45

Personalising your web offer

30 mins Session

Different customers have different reasons for renting space in a storage facility.  You know this, yet your online experience treats each customer as if they are the same.  In the connected digital world we should no longer accept this status quo for our customers or our business.

Join Michael as he explores the ‘art of the possible’ for digital storage customer experience.  See how you can use data and page personalisation to tailor the online journey for each customer.  Then take these strategies back to your business to revolutionise your customers booking experience.  Including case studies of this technique in action.


Michael Dogger

R6 Digital

As CEO of R6 Digital, Michael leads a talented team of developers, designers and marketers harnessing the power of digital to drive action. 

With over a decade of Storage specific technology and marketing experience Michael Dogger is a world leading authority on Storage Marketing, Innovation and Technology.   He has a background in electrical engineering, finance and telecommunications.

He is passionate about demystifying the world of digital and shares his expertise through his purpose-driven endeavour, R6 Impact.