14:30 – 15:15

The great debate, USA vs Europe, which is worthy of your investment? - Sponsored by 1Box

45 mins Session

We pit the 2 heavyweights of the global self storage market head to head to decide which really is better.  The massive highly regulated US market or the growing innovative European market.  Covering everything from legislation to revenue management, impact of supply to investment opportunities.  This is sure to be an entertaining session with insights into the pro’s and con’s from both markets that operators can learn from.


Tim Dietz

CEO and President, Self Storage Association USA

Tim is the President & Chief Executive Officer for the national Self Storage Association of the USA, a position he has held for over 7 years. Prior to overseeing the association, he spent 11 years as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer and Sr. VP of Government Relations. Tim has overseen the passage of more than 100 pieces of industry legislation to help improve the regulations that govern the lien process, insurance programs and other laws that influence the self storage sector. He has also helped the industry avoid sales taxes and other threats. A resident of Stafford, Virginia, Dietz previously lobbied in the environmental remediation and telecommunications sectors.

Rennie Schafer


Rennie is the current CEO of the Self Storage Association UK & FEDESSA, having previously been the CEO of the Australasian Self Storage Association for over 9 years.  Rennie has extensive knowledge of the self storage industry across the world, from the developing Asian markets through to the birthplace of self storage in the USA.  He has over 22 years of association management experience 17 at CEO level.  Rennie is also on the Board of the Institute of Association Leadership, has an MBA and completed the Oxford University High performance leadership programme.